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Melissa Hackney, KPVI CH6 Nightly News

The Balancing Act of the Challis Wild Horses

News story excerpt: Andrea Maki founded Wild Love Preserve in 2010. It's a nonprofit that helps manage Idaho's wild horse population.

"We are able to address horses that are on the range and horses that have been removed from the range, right here, rather than having horses shipped out to other holding facilities in other states," explained Maki."

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"Wild Love Preserve adopted all the horses made available after the 2012 round up in Challis and created a wild expanse for the 130 horses. By doing so, Maki has been able to save tax payers 7.5 million dollars.

"To see them be able to be who they are, with no strings attached, I just find that it's really, really important and they are so happy being who they are," said Maki. "We are able to set a precedent of creating a wild expanse right here at home."

Since the last round up, Maki has worked with the BLM to proactively manage the population using a fertility treatment to slow the herd's growth. "We implement what's called native PZP one year and that is non hormonal, bio degradable, fertility vaccine," said Maki. "So we dart the ladies in the rump and we do that once a year."

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