Idaho Hearts

Idaho hearts span a broad range, and this is our desire. Wild Love Preserve has pioneered an innovative model to address all facets of regional wild horse conservation on home turf in Central Idaho, from our adopted 130 Challis, Idaho wild horses to our collaborative work on the range, and our creation of a permanently protected wild expanse in the heart of Idaho wild horse country. Our all-inclusive approach to Idaho wild horse conservation at home speaks to lasting and flourishing native ecosystems, co-existence with all wildlife species, and private livestock where applicable. While many thought it not possible, initially, WLP's focus has included creating vested interests and partnerships across the board. Success has required bridging divides, cultivating fluid co-existence between stakeholders, new methodologies, regional engagement and benefit. 

Since 2010 Wild Love Preserve has worked to turn Challis, Idaho wild horses into an asset for the local community, region and Idaho state. Wild horses lead the way to cultivating the health and balance of our wild places as an interconnected whole, now and for future generations, with kindness, mutual respect, science and education driving our mission. 

Big Love, Big Thanks to these Idaho Hearts who are making a big difference on behalf of our greater good. That which we collectively do today, carries on for countless generations to come. We thank you all for walking with us and supporting this legacy project. Love is where it's at!

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Wild Love Preserve is a Registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit, Effective August 2010, Tax ID #27-3729450