Left Hand, Meet Right Hand

Left Hand... meet Right Hand. Recent press about the BLM's broken system and $1 Billion crisis reflects, yet again, this is a human relations issue and wild horses pay the price. This is unacceptable. We do have solutions and have walked our talk to prove they work. In Idaho, Wild Love Preserve's model addresses all facets of wild horse population on home turf and it works. Yes, 6 years down the line, integrity out front, we DO have working solutions and we have been proving it for years. We could be saving so many more if we had the project funding we've been at work to raise since 2010. Meanwhile, WLP has saved taxpayers $7.5 million since 2013. If you stand for wild horse preservation then take action, help us save lives and make a difference! This is a "we" project and we can change the system if folks would step up to help. Donate to WLP and walk with us on behalf of our wild whole.  -AM

Listen to Andrea Maki interview with Beth Markley on Radio Boise from April 20 and read story in New Zealand's Horsetalk:   “Wild Horse Andrea” Walks the Walk for Idaho’s Challis Mustangs

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