Many of our wild Challis mares adopted were already pregnant at the time of the October 2012 roundup. Subsequently our first little one arrived Easter 2013. From that point onward the wild stork was busy bringing through July. In total we were thrilled to welcome twenty-two littles. 

WLP's Cliff Palmer and Raelene Adams, were on call throughout the spring. Some situations required special attention and they were instrumental in arrivals, unique needs, even saving the lives of one wild mama and her little one, Baby Marcoe, that would not have survived otherwise. We are so fortunate and beyond appreciative to have such hands-on experience combined with heart, attention to detail, and  perpetual motion on Team WLP.   

Our little Sydney was another one who required extra TLC not long after her arrival after getting kicked on the side of her tiny head. It was quite a scare and slow recovery. Thanks to close attention and special feedings from Cliff and Raelene, followed by extra love and care at our second leased location from the folks at River Rock Ranch, and our equine veterinarian Rod Evans, our little engine that could made it through the winter. Go figure she has ended up being the little princess running the whole show and continues to blaze her own unique trail within the WLP Band.  We thank our lucky stars for this wonderful outcome and look forward to our Sydney's story evolving for countless years ahead.

Project Wild Love Preserve's preservation of this wild American icon is Legacy Project. Our adopted wilds and their offsprings will live their lives together on WLP wild expanse in their native region, allowing for family bands and dynamics to be established, nurtured and permanently protected. That which we do today sets the stage for future generations to equally nurture, treasure and experience. Wild Love Preserve is about the whole and for the whole - past, present, future.


Wild Love Preserve is a Registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit, Effective August 2010, Tax ID #27-3729450