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"Where there is love, there is no imposition." -Albert Einstein

Wild Love Preserve is a legacy project and we take to very seriously the responsibility you are entrusting in us with your gifts that support lasting wildness. We are the stewards of your giving to Idaho wild horses and their preservation on home turf. We rely on grants and your donations to do the work we do on behalf of our wild counterparts. Your support benefits our wild horse conservation programs that nurture the health and balance of respective indigenous ecosystems as an interconnected whole. If you believe in the importance of our nation’s wild places, now and for generations to follow, we invite you to walk with us. Your giving ensures lasting wildness and our appreciation is beyond measure. While many prefer to remain anonymous, our WLP Giving List represents deeply appreciated wild hearts who are making a wild difference. Love is action.

Thank you to all our supporters, for your positive and far-reaching impact.


"It's the seeds we plant today, and leave to flourish for future generations, that matter." -Andrea Maki

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Recognizing Wild Love Supporters On This Living Giving List, Commencing 2010

*Some Donors Wish to Remain Anonymous


The Earth and Humanity Foundation

Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund

Stone Gossard

Pearl Jam Vitalogy Fund

Christine Edmonds

The James and Barbara Cimino Foundation


Duff McKagan

Robert and Dee Ann Maki

Focal Point Plastics

Felicitas Funke

Summerlee Foundation

Stephen and Lyndella Bauchman

The Watermark Inn

AJ and Brewster Moseley

Julianne Andersen

Janet Amundson-Splidsboel in Memory of Steve Stapp

The Science and Conservation Center



Kelley Meister + Peter Forelli + Kontent Partners + Scott Roddan + Sandra Willingham + Ashley Roy Farrington + Denise Novoselski + Rhonda Kellerer + Petra Hilleberg + Chuck Gates Youth Golf Endowment, Inc. + Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation + Courtney Clarke + Lisa Loftus + The Blue Team/Windermere + Kontent Partners + Christopher and Debbie James + Steve Fairbrother, DVM + Fran and Marvin Coats + Carmine’s Fine Woodworking +


Jim Harris + Renata Engler + Eden Stewart-Eisman + Erika Desroche + Toni Tahran-Kriley + Joyce Dillon + Anne Phillips + Virginia Piper + Shirin Etessam + Lise Solomon + Judi Wygant-Collier + William Collier Design + Jane Millar + Carolyn Crooks + a.k.a. Belle + Ruth Berge + Elizabeth Simkin + Fran Ehlers + Ashley Smith + Justine George + Elissa Kline + Beverly Rankin + Robbin Austin + Barbara Loveless + Nancy Franken + Charlene Grall + Armida Armstrong + Michelle Marcoe-Wolk + Jennifer Andrew + Joseph Larrea + Melody Good + Robin Wilds + Melinda and Carmine Ruggiero + Richard Kathlean + Aprile Draz + Norma Miller + Marcie Maloof + Judy Klein + Mickey Sweeney + Laura Domoto + Ted and Pat Katterheinrich + Bettye Dominick + Yvette Harris + Sahra Beaupre + Lisa McKibbin + Martha Hogan Koehn +  Steve Fairbrother + Peggy Barstow + Kevin Smith + Chris Gibson + Paul Willingham + Patricia Tanagi + Lori Shanks + Colleen Coyne + Bonnie Way + Mary White + The Pantry Raid + Dr. Nancy Parry + Suzi Osborn + Karen Whitworth + Larry Zuckerman + Carol Steele Duffy + Leslie Bensi + Alexandra Allen O'Dell + Angela Allen +


Tawny and Marc Madenwald + Don McQuinn + Crystal P'Pool + Jane Pratt + Dave Krusen + Craig Kalkoske + Sheryl Haynes + Jennifer Gillmor + Mary Fink + Mitchell Ehrlich + Sarah Hildebrandt + Chrissy Fink + Jennifer Andrew + Alena Segura + Stephanie Case + Sue Rogers + Janice Buchheit + Alberta Erickson + Amy Robertson + Fay Forman + Meghan Brinkley + Molly Hasson + GE Foundation Matching Gifts + David Jackson + Faye Jones + Beverly J. Rankin + Julie Schleck + Lisa Rubin + Scott Roddan +  Suzanne Shuey + Ken Turner + Nancy Pennington + Steve Stapp + Karen Curnel + Sherri Woods + Nanette Schieron + Jo Howard + Jennifer Solorio + Marsha Smith + Kathy Kriebel + Melissa Scalzo + Carrie and Dick Soderstrom + Tami Hottes + Tanginika Cuascud + Vishal Verma +  Omshen Holistic Clinic +

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As a lasting project in wild conservation, our wild expanse will be protected in perpetuity, ensuring the lasting wildness of Idaho wild horses and indigenous wildlife and habitat. Your support is deeply appreciated. Contributions to support Wild Love Preserve's Land Trust can be made on-line or by mail. Please inquire to learn more.  

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