A Message From Little Geronimo

A message from little Geronimo: "My name is Geronimo and I'm here because Wild Love Preserve saved my mom from the Challis BLM Helicopter Roundup in 2012. Who knows where my friends and relatives would be had they not been rescued all together at that time by Wild Love Preserve. Please help us stay wild, free and forever together at home in Idaho. We need you, and maybe in the future you will come and visit us on the wild side. Every cent you donate goes to safeguarding our wildness and well-being. Thank you everybody."

Wild Love Preserve relies on Grants + Donations to do the work we do. PLEASE HELP US raise $25,000 for rescued 130 Idaho wild horses + their freedom. We still have $21,500 of $25,000 to raise ASAP. Big thanks to those who have helped us raise $3500 so far. We are past due on payments that are imperative to Idaho wild horses remaining wild and together on home turf. This funding covers remaining winter hay tabs and two months acreage lease on 400 acres for WLP's 130 adopted/rescued Challis, Idaho wild horses. We have been at work to collectively raise $25,000 in donations and wild horse sponsorships. With your help we can meet this critical goal which supports Idaho wild horse preservation on home turf.

All size donations add up and can be made on-line, via PayPal or by check and mailed. Please click here to make a difference: DONATE

Big Love, Big Thanks! Andrea, Geronimo and The WLP Band