International Women's Day

We Stand United on this International Women's Day! Wild Love Preserve is a woman-owned and operated nonprofit, so we are sharing this origins story from founder, Andrea Maki.


“I am a staunch advocate for integrity, kindness, compassion and action on behalf of our greater good. Animals have always been integral to my life and being, the health of the environment equally paramount. In 2010 I made a wild promise, which resulted in the formation of non-profit Wild Love Preserve. Little did I know at that time, the layered magnitude of this specific regional playing field for which I had just entered, and the array of stakeholders locked in opposition.

Wild Love Preserve has grown to a scale I did not originally anticipate, organically evolving into a new multi-dimensional management model simply by way of responding to the multitude of logistics unfolding at every turn. Challenges plentiful, perseverance and patience required.


WLP is about finding solutions and new ways of bringing people together. If you go in looking for a fight, you’re going to get a fight. If you approach with respect, kindness, patience and sincere interest in listening to differing perspectives, you can find common ground and open news doors to change. We can rise above drawn lines if we so choose.

Truth, sincerity, accountability, integrity, follow through and compassion are traits of my life, a reflection of the way in which I was raised, and qualities I personally prefer to see in terms of human co-existence. By design, this lasting project welcomes those who wish to make a lasting difference and believe positive change is always possible when we work together.”

-Andrea Maki

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