Love Of A Wild Child

Dear Friends,

Recently we received a donation, I responded with a thank you and then received the below letter in response. With permission granted, I am sharing this special story of a wild child's heart, action and desire to make a difference in this world. This purity of love, being, and truth is absolutely beautiful, and is a shining example of the love we are and the significance of a child’s truth - which is our future. 


You're most welcome. My daughter, for all that she can't read written words, is a reader of the world and has a way of moving things when she's stirred and shaken. She's come home covered in blood with injured fawns and animals for healing, buries possum and squirrels and birds found in the woods with ceremony, and has been dreaming horses for many years now. She stumbled on a video about wild horses on Pinterest quite accidentally and was in tears from what she saw, with a lot to say about how it made her heart feel.

First she wanted to rescue them by bringing them all here to our 4 acre homestead! Eventually we talked toward helping those who have more land already, supporting their efforts. So after digging around for sanctuaries and watching the videos they had up, me reading to her what they had to say, she selected yours. She liked how you showed, she liked the music, she liked that it was called Wild Love, she wanted to know when could we drive out there and visit, how many days would it take from Virginia, could she ride the horses, and so on! 

She lassoed her eleven year old sister into selling the earrings she makes (this daughter's passion is embroidering mandalas and jewelry making, they're so different in their interests yet both tender hearted!) and giving half the money toward Wild Love Preserve. I have them up on my blog ( with this quote from your website: 

“Wild Love Preserve is named such because it is dedicated to the greater good of our wild planet, now and for future generations, centering on humanity, compassion, sustainability, two-legged accountability and our responsibility to the whole.” — Founder, Andrea Maki, 2010

That's a little bit more than you probably wanted to know, but it's part of the story of where those dollars were earned with possible more to come. She's a persistent little expressive fire child, and one day she may just make her way over thatta way.  ~M


Andrea Maki