Wild Game Changer

Dear Friends,

We have nice news to share with you. Because of Wild Love Preserve's due-diligence, collaborative, and pro-active efforts since 2010 with the Challis-Idaho BLM, there has not been a helicopter roundup of the Challis Herd since October 2012. Prior to Wild Love Preserve, the Challis BLM's intent was to conduct federally funded helicopter roundups and removals every other year. Presently, we are pleased to share yet another positive step forward. Wild Love Preserve and the Challis-Idaho BLM will work together on the current Environmental Assessment of the Challis Herd Management Area as a collective whole, and together develop a 10-year pro-active management plan for the Challis Herd in conjunction with, and relation to, this indigenous ecosystem on our multi-use public lands as an interconnected whole. This collaborative work sets yet another new precedent which serves to benefit our work on all six herd management areas in Idaho, as well as other wild horse regions in the west. 

What does this mean? Wild loves, wild and free, courtesy kindness, mutual respect, and fluid communications between stakeholders. 


To those who already believe in the mission of Wild Love Preserve and support our continued tenacity: Thank You so much for being part of this instrumental and historic change. 

To others, we invite you to join us and help us keep the wild in our iconic wild horses + wild places by coming together. Wild Love Preserve is a grassroots, boots-on-the-ground, nonprofit organization that has persevered, no matter the odds, to show by way of integrity and action that rising above drawn lines benefits our greater good. At this time our need is to match our boots-on-the-ground work with necessary project funding that enables full implementation of our wildlife preservation and education programs. Thank you for your kindness in considering a tax-deductible donation: DONATE

What we do today, makes our tomorrow. Let's Keep It Wild Together!

Andrea Maki, Founder + President

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