Welcome to the Central Idaho High Desert and Challis Wild HorseS

"Bringing All Stakeholders Together To Work Collaboratively"

We are Wild Love Preserve and this is a Legacy Project. This is your legacy, and together, our legacy. Your support directly benefits the preservation of native wild horses in their native habitat and nurtures the health and balance of respective indigenous ecosystems as an interconnected whole. If you believe in the importance of our nation’s wild places, now and for future generations, make your difference today.

We are Wild Love Preserve. This American Heritage is Wild.

The iconic wild mustang is pure Americana, symbolizing unbridled freedom, power, determination, and the Wild West. Our wildness resonates deep within and is essential to our whole, we would be amiss without it. Project Wild Love Preserve's preservation of this American icon speaks to our greater good and collective well-being by way of bridging divides and  bringing stakeholders together in a new light.

Founded April 2010 by contemporary visual artist, Andrea Maki, Wild Love Preserve has created an innovative model which engages public and private lands to address all facets of regional wild horse conservation on home turf in Central Idaho, from our adopted 130 Challis, Idaho wild horses to our collaborative work on the range. In addition to the Challis Herd Management Area (HMA), Wild Love Preserve advocates and works with the Idaho Bureau of Land Management (BLM) regarding all six wild horse HMAs in Idaho state. 

Viewed a paradigm project, Mission Wild Love Preserve remains steadfast in our efforts to protect and preserve native wild horses in their native environments and nurture the legacy of respective indigenous ecosystems in a collaborative, responsible and sustainable manner with regional engagement and benefit. Wild horses lead the way to cultivating the health and balance of our wild places as an interconnected whole. Kindness, mutual respect, science and education are paramount. In addition to saving wild lives in a lasting manner, Wild Love Preserve has saved American taxpayers $3.5 million dollars since 2013 as result of our programs on and off the range.

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"Wild Love Preserve is about us all, a reflection of our humanity."

- Andrea Maki, 2010




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