The Science and Conservation Center Conference

The PZP Immunocontraception Conference hosted by The Science and Conservation Center in Billings, Montana, brings together representatives from various fields who work on controlling wildlife populations with PZP Immunocontraception, August 7-9, 2019
Founder Andrea Maki will talk about the work of Wild Love Preserve and creating a multi-faceted model in wild horse conservation on home turf through conflict resolution and in conjunction with Native PZP as an integral tool.
“The focus of Wild Love Preserve’s wild horse project in bringing all stakeholders together to work collaboratively with the Challis and Idaho BLM, is unique and imaginative and potentially opens the door to an entirely new paradigm for managing western wild horses. This model may change a great deal and we here at The Science and Conservation Center are excited about partnering with WLP in this effort.” - Jay F. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., Aug 2013