#TBT 2011

WILD LOVE - To Protect and Preserve™

"Wild Love Preserve is not but a mere project of passion. Wild Love is dedicated to the greater good of our wild planet, now and for future generations - centering on humanity, sustainability, two-legged accountability and our responsibility to the whole. -Andrea Maki, 2010
“Humans must learn from the past, not continue to repeat our deadly, disastrous mistakes. It is our responsibility to protect and care for, not continue to destroy out of fear, greed and chosen ignorance. To respect and act with understanding and compassion. Humans are not superior to all else. We do not sit atop a pyramid of life holding court, here to simply do as "we" see fit to fill our self serving needs and excesses. The magic of life lies within a sacred circle and two-leggeds are but a mere part of the "whole" - within that "whole" lies a very delicate balance which must be honored and respected." - Andrea Maki, 2003