An Honor For Wild Love This Earth Day

Wild Love Preserve is thrilled to announce an extraordinary honor this Earth Day. Denis Hayes, the Founder of Earth Day, and President and CEO of the Bullitt Foundation, has selected Wild Love Preserve to be featured in his Earth Day 2019 Profile Fund of well-respected nonprofits to support. Denis Hayes, like Stone Gossard and Pearl Jam Vitalogy Foundation, recognize the way in which native wild horses lead our way to protecting indigenous ecosystems as an interconnected whole, and our appreciation is truly beyond measure.

Visit the Denis Hayes Portfolio Fund here:

“This is not but a mere fenced wild horse sanctuary. The objective of Wild Love Preserve is the protection and preservation of native ecosystems as an interconnected and balanced whole. Great beauty and benefit lie in the fact, indigenous wild horses offer such a unique opportunity to achieve this intent by walking new paths together.” -Andrea Maki, Founder + President