Earth Day 2019

Today we celebrate Earth Day, and every day we do the work. I am sharing this relevant message from the time of the inception of Wild Love, which is an extension of my artwork in the studio.
"I am all the forces with which I come in contact. I am the wind and the rain. The stars, the light, the in between. The waves, the trees, the animals and winged ones. The thundering hooves. We are one. Resonate with One. May your days be filled with good energy and the joy of new and deeper truths and discoveries. May eyes, hearts and arms open to the reality of the family we are: reflections of one another. One, simply in different packages - whether you or I, he or she, the animals, birds or trees, the water, the wind.
May the wild, stay wild. The free, roam free. May the thrill of Universal oneness fill all with compassion and understanding, rising above all drawn lines. May all humans, the two-legged ones, come to fully understand that we are but a mere part of the whole, and that within that whole lies a very delicate balance, which must be respected, now and forever, for all generations to come.
As humans we have a responsibility, and we have a choice. To walk this earth must not be taken for granted. It is our responsibility to protect and care for the land. To respect the earth and all its’ inhabitants, acting with conscience and awareness. One does not harm that which one respects, for it is understood one only harms oneself in the process, and in turn impacts the whole.
Life requires our participation, to fully engage. Wild Love Preserve is about all of us, as a whole, a reflection of our humanity. Wild Love chooses to be that which we wish to see in our mirror: love, respect, compassion, understanding, tolerance, and the appreciation of lessons learned versus mistakes repeated. Wild Love believes in our better selves. We are stronger together and can achieve more by opening doors and walking in versus turning our backs. At times it may seem easier to turn a blind eye, however that comes with consequence. We are all in this life, this conscious state, together, so together let's be.”

- Andrea Maki, Founder, 2010