Lakota Meaning of Maki

After a most enjoyable phone conversation at the end of July 2014, I was sent this Lakota Sioux meaning for Maki. For reasons dating back as far as I can remember in this lifetime, this definition resonates within and through and ripples beyond perpetually. Love. 

* * *

Maki (pronounced Ma-k-ha’) is the Lakota Sioux word for land, ground, or the firmament upon which all living things are born, nourished and returned. The Lakota hold such a high regard for earth that they call her Mother or Grandmother, and she is accorded highest honor, respect and love.

In prayer, Maki is recognized as the bearer and nourisher of all living things. In thought, she is viewed as an essential part of the Great Harmony; without her, life cannot be nourished. In reality, she is viewed as the basic support for all things known to life, thus she should not be owned, nor should she be injured, for to do so is to diminish her nourishing powers upon which life depends.  

The Lakota believe that of all living things concretely known to humankind, only Maki has a long life, but even she can be injured. Inevitably to injure her, is to injure life itself.

* * *

Special thanks for sharing, Butterfly.

Andrea Maki