A Note In Response

The following is relevant note from founder Andrea Maki dated  July 1, 2014.

Recently I was asked, “What’s in it for me?” I was told there are those who just can’t believe anyone could be so altruistic as to create a project and seek a unified solution to benefit wild horses and the whole without a personal agenda lurking behind the scenes. 

I understand that which was shared, however I also find it unfortunate. We are jaded for good reason in this current time, and it has become natural to question truth in kindness, compassion and action on behalf of the whole, as well assume ego is in play.

In my belief we are here to care for the whole, act with truth, kindness, respect, understanding and compassion without being plagued by ego.

When engaging with those of different beliefs, common ground can be found via kindness, respect and perseverance opening doors to further discussion. We can rise above drawn lines if we so choose. Truth, sincerity, accountability, integrity, follow through and compassion are traits of my life and a reflection of the way in which I was brought up.

No matter the ways of the outside, I will always take pride in walking my talk, acting my truth and being that which I personally prefer to see in terms of human co-existence. Love is action, and in truth we are one.

- Andrea Maki,  July 1, 2014