Year-End Giving To The WLP Legacy Fund


It's that time of year again, so we wanted to share a friendly and wild reminder. When everyone pitches in, wondrous things happen that serve to better our greater whole. Our WLP Legacy Fund offers a mutually beneficial opportunity for you and the preservation of our iconic wild mustangs and their native habitats. As a registered non-profit, effective as of August 2010, your charitable donations to Wild Love Preserve are tax-deductible. So, while Wild Love Preserve wild horse conservation programs have already saved taxpayers over $7.5 million dollars since 2013, we offer additional tax incentives by gifting to our programs.

Give To The WLP Legacy Fund

Wild Love Preserve's Legacy Fund supports the lasting wildness of Idaho's wild horses on their home turf, and our innovative model continues to serve as a framework for other western wild horse regions. This means your support is both meaningful and far-reaching. This fund supports the expense of daily operations, our current 400-acre lease, equipment, winter hay, and the acquisition of our permanent wild expanse which will enable us to turn out our current 136 wild horses come spring 2018, and permanently protect future Idaho wild horses removed from public lands. Wild horse and habitat conservation comes with a healthy price tag. Funding is essential and it takes a village to implement lasting change.

Our Limited Edition Signature Wild Love Ponies. Donate $100+ and receive this special gift from the wild side.

Our Limited Edition Signature Wild Love Ponies. Donate $100+ and receive this special gift from the wild side.

Besides gifting cash as a charitable contribution, you may consider donating highly appreciated stock. You won’t owe capital gains taxes and can deduct the current value of the investment as a charitable gift. 

If you are over 70.5 years of age, you can also distribute a charitable gift from your IRA Fund and receive a tax-credit without incurring fees or federal taxes for distribution.

Special thanks for your truth and giving heart. You make a world of difference with your giving, and together we ensure lasting wildness for countless generations ahead. 100% of your contributions support these wild icons of the west, our wild horse conservation programs and respective indigenous ecosystems as an interconnected whole.

Thank you, Andrea + Wild Love Preserve

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Visit our Newman's Own Foundation $500k Holiday Challenge thru Jan 2, 2018. Online donations here will help us win $150,000 for Wild Love Preserve's wild horse conservation programs.

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Wild Love Preserve is a Registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit, Effective August 2010, Tax ID# 27-3729450