Teamwork: Stone Gossard + Andrea Maki

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Help Stone Gossard, Andrea Maki and Wild Love Preserve reach their minimum goal of raising $1M toward the acquisition of 10,000 acres for Wild Love Preserve’s permanently protected Idaho wildlife preserve before the impending Challis BLM (Bureau of Land Management) helicopter roundup in November. Your support translates to lasting wildness for Idaho wild horses and wild places as a whole. Stone has pledged to match the first $10,000 in donations to this campaign.

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Founded in 2010, by contemporary visual artist and photographer, Andrea Maki, Wild Love Preserve protects and preserves our iconic wild horses and their native habitats as an interconnected whole. Currently, they are working to meet a vital funding deadline for the purchase of 10,000-acres for Wild Love Preserve's Idaho wildlife preserve to be protected in perpetuity for their adopted 136 Challis-Idaho wild horses removed from public lands in 2012, and additional Challis wild horses from the upcoming 2019 BLM helicopter roundup. Because of WLP's collaborative work since 2010 with the Challis wild horses, Idaho BLM, and stakeholders, there hasn’t been a government roundup of the Challis Herd since 2012, versus every 2-3 years, and they’ve saved taxpayers over $7.5M. Your support translates to lasting wildness for Idaho wild horses and wild places as a whole, if you would like to learn more and help, contact founder, Andrea Maki, at
In 1980, Seattle natives, Stone Gossard and Andrea Maki first met in the halls of The Northwest School at 14 years old, and have been trusted partners in crime since. Art and music are at their cores, accompanied by an awareness to act on behalf of our greater whole. While Stone's path is his music and giving back, to include the Vitalogy Foundation, Andrea's lifetime career as a contemporary visual artist includes founding her non-profit, Wild Love Preserve, in 2010. Stone was the first to step up and support the project, and he and the Vitalogy Foundation have been instrumental in successes of Wild Love Preserve’s work with Challis-Idaho wild horses, and the preservation of our iconic wild mustangs and wild places. Over the years, Wild Love's innovative model has demonstrated via boots-on-the-ground implementation, how coexistence, humane treatment, sustainable management, protecting wild horses and indigenous habitats, and saving tax dollars, can work together to benefit stakeholders, our environment and collective whole for generations to come.
“Since 2010, Wild Love founder, Andrea Maki’s, consistent and devoted attention to the plight of wild horses has been amazing to witness. A 30,000-foot view and her obvious political savvy have created an unlikely coalition of ranchers, environmentalists, wild horse advocates, and government agencies, working in delicate concert to save these majestic animal. She should be the envy of any activist looking to make a real impact.”

-Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam + The Vitalogy Foundation, 2017