#TBT to 2016 : Unity Wins

Throwback Tuesday to 2016, and more relevant with each passing day.

“Regarding the present landscape, I have received many messages expressing extreme fear and concern for the future of our public lands and wild horses. No matter the side you stand, the present and future are on us and we must all be fully engaged. In this moment we must galvanize in the name of our oneness, love, kindness, and respect for all living beings. This is what we teach our children. We stand against darkness, hatred, and fear. We mustn't give away our energy and take any bait that pulls us off course. We do not concede to these lowest frequencies of being, this is not our true humanity. We must rise together on behalf of our collective well-being. We must assure our children of our deep roots in truth, strength, and unity. We must act our love, more than ever before, show our children that we do not buy into division, xenophobia, lies, disrespect, misogyny or vindictiveness. This present outcome does not dim our lights, this requires us to shine even brighter than before. This is the wall we will build by standing together and not allowing darkness to take root and grow. We see clearly what we are not, and what we will not allow ourselves to become. We're the same, we are together. We are compassion, love, and unity, not fear and anger. Darkness has not won because we will not sit idly by and allow such a thing to happen. Complacency has no home here, only constructive action, strength, and wherewithal. All must walk their talk, not sit on the sidelines. We outshine as one, for our greatest strength is in working together on behalf of our greater good. Love is action.”

- Andrea Maki, November 2016