ESTB 2010

“If you go in looking for a fight, you’re going to get a fight. My interest is in engaging in discussions that lead to solutions through listening and mutual respect. Wild Love Preserve is an accountability project and a humanity project. We work with the Bureau of Land Management, cattle ranchers, environmentalists, wildlife biologists, wild horse advocates, youth employment groups. and regional communities, offering a mutually viable solution to helicopter roundups and removals. In doing so, we have also saved taxpayers over $7.5 million dollars since 2013 with our programs. My role over the years, has, in many ways, been that of a mediator. Since 2010, Wild Love Preserve has been fully engaged in collaborative population management, accountability, and pro-active programs that involve all stakeholders and address the health and balance of the range and this unique indigenous ecosystem as an interconnected and balanced whole. While differing opinions are a given, mutual respect in negotiations and dealings are integral in establishing common ground. We do not implement tools of litigation, instead, we work face-to-face with all stakeholders, finding compromise between differing perspectives through fluid communications in real-time.” -Andrea Maki, Founder