Looking Back To The Beginning

Looking back to where we started. Because Wild Love founder, Andrea Maki, is a contemporary visual artist + photographer, her art is the foundation + visual force of Wild Love Preserve. In 2010-11 her “In Wild Eyes” installation launched with purpose creating a national buzz. Here’s the backstory from the announcement.


A Traveling Installation To Promote Support + Awareness

In response to a critical situation, contemporary visual artist and photographer, Andrea Maki, is creating an expansive wildlife preserve to protect and preserve our wild horses. "In Wild Eyes" is to experience her art, once again, acting as a tool to spread awareness and promote support for our environment, wildlife, and now, Wild Love Preserve. “On April 1, 2010, Wild Love was born of a purposeful, "chance" encounter and a promise made, eye to eye and heart to heart, with twenty-one wild Challis mares, most pregnant, from a 2009 government helicopter roundup. They have come from the wild, speak for the whole, and take us back to the wild under evolved circumstances. Nonprofit, Wild Love Preserve. is a unique and sustainable wildlife preserve in Central Idaho, dedicated to protecting native wild horses in their indigenous wild habitat, and preserving this unique ecosystem as an interconnected whole, now, and for generations far into the future. "In Wild Eyes" features select wild portraits from that fateful day. This installation includes six wild mares in captivity and one lone wild stallion, waiting, back home in the wild. A poignant contrast and man-made reality that symbolizes the lives of all our wild horses at the hand of man. At almost 6' high, these intimate wild horse constructions are intended to give a sense of what it is like to be surrounded, up close and personal, with these magical and magnificent wild beings. It is a privilege, it is wild paradise. To that, Wild Love is truly about us all, a reflection of our humanity.” - Andrea Maki
"The installation has the Andrea Maki look of hardcore elegance and compounded content that makes each of us consider beauty and reality transformed to a new level of heightened awareness. To see and experience Maki's latest efforts in spreading awareness is to face both the pathos and beauty of the wild mustang, an American icon, and our own history. Each large-scale image tells its' own story. But many times their actual size, scale and detail conspire to engage and mesmerize, linking images to one another, and the lone stallion, at yet another scale. Idea and content imbue this work with nuance, discovery, and emotion." - E. Press, April 2011

For more about Andrea Maki’s Art, visit: bit.ly/AndreaMaki-Art + AndreaMaki.com

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