Newman's Own Holiday Challenge

Friends... We are excited to share news that Wild Love Preserve has been invited to participate in the Newman's Own $500,000 Holiday Challenge! The nonprofit to raise the most funds by the end of the year will win $150,000, which would be tremendous for the preservation of our iconic wild horses on home turf. Please help us bring this one home, America’s wild mustangs need our support more than ever. Thank you for making a difference with your contributions.

Visit our Newman’s Own Charity Challenge Fundraising Page to read our story, contribute and share with your circles:


Year-end charitable giving is upon us and America’s wild mustangs need our support more than ever. If you believe in the preservation of our iconic wild mustangs and our wild places, now and for future generations, we invite you to walk with Wild Love Preserve as wild horses lead our way to cultivating the health and balance of our wild places.  

Help us keep wild horses running wild and together on their native turf. We are raising funds for our 400-acre lease, 250 tons of winter hay, equipment and continuing daily operations. 100% of your tax-deductible contributions, no matter the size, will support the lasting wildness and well-being of 136 adopted Challis-Idaho wild horses at Wild Love Preserve, and free-roaming Idaho wild horses on the range. You make a difference and together we save wild lives and indigenous habitats.