Fifty Candles

In light of news on September 9, today, on my 50th, I have a Birthday Wish!

On September 9, all but one, of the nine-seat BLM Advisory Board, voted to recommend euthanization of all wild horses deemed unadoptable in BLM longterm holding to offset taxpayer expense on the back-end of wild horses being rounded up by helicopter and removed from our public lands. Up to 45,000 of our, supposedly protected by law, wild horses and burros. This is an absolutely outrageous and unacceptable solution. So, while they backed off the push for surgical sterilization experiments of wild mares on the range, their hands are not yet clean. 

Yet again, the man-made, self-serving, hierarchies that created the crisis, include certain humans operating at their lowest frequencies, deeming other beings as disposable. This is not a humane, nor responsible, nor sustainable solution. This is egregious. We cannot allow this mentality, this narrow belief system, to represent our humanity. This is not who we are, it is not who we can be. We are better than this, and collectively we must act on behalf of our whole as a reflection of our true humanity.

Please send your thoughtfully written comments, minus expletives, to the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board:

More than ever, we need you to care enough to take action. Funding is required to save wild lives. My 50th birthday wish is that everyone PLEASE support our ongoing work to evolve as a whole, and permanently safeguard wild horses in their native habitats. Founded in 2010, Wild Love remains a WE project and your tax-deductible giving save lives by helping us do the work we do, together. 

Time is of the essence, and there is much work to do.

Thank you much, Andrea Maki


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*Please inquire for wire transfer details.

Thank you for caring enough to act. We will add you to our growing WP Giving List, estb. 2010.

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