A Day In The Life At Wild Love

As we celebrate Dad's this June, two-legged and four, here's a look into day in the life at Wild Love Preserve and saving Idaho's wild horses at home. In light of the current happenings, we need your support more then ever. Together we can ensure wild horses remain wild. Please join us and help us raise $36,000 by June 30 for the 400 acres WLP leases for our 137 adopted/rescued Idaho wild horses. 100% of every dollar donated goes to the wild horses and their lasting wildness. Donations of all sizes make a difference and are tax-deductible because Wild Love Preserve is a registered non-profit, effective since August 2010. We can't do this alone, this a "WE" project and we are asking everyone to please pitch in if you can. 

Thanks a million for caring enough to take action! Click here to donate, on-line, via PayPal or by mail: Donate Today