Thank You ASPCA!

aspcaGRNTS-BDGES2017_FIN copy.png

We are honored and incredibly appreciative to receive an ASPCA Grant towards our 2017 winter hay expenditures for Wild Love Preserve's 136 wild horses. We've had an unusually harsh and long winter in central Idaho, the worst in 30 years with high snow and bitter temps dropping to -30 degrees at times, hence we had to double our hay feeding to two-tons per day. As a non-profit that relies on grants and donations for daily operations and wild horse well-being, it has been very challenging on our budget. We inquired and the ASPCA responded with vital help towards our purchase of additional winter hay. If you would like to follow the lead of the ASPCA and their generous hearts, Wild Love Preserve still has a remaining $9500 to raise for 2017 winter hay expenditures. Your tax-deductible donations towards supplemental winter hay are deeply appreciated and make a world of difference in the preservation of Idaho's wild horses on their home turf in central Idaho. Click here to Donate Today.

Big Love, Big Thanks to the ASPCA from Wild Love Preserve + Idaho Wild Horses!