9 Years Ago Today

Nine years ago today in Idaho, things changed. It is in this exact moment, which I caught on film back on April 1, 2010, that I made a promise to 21 adopted Challis wild mares from the 2009 roundup, that I would do what I could, if anything, to help them find their way back to their home turf, albeit under new circumstances. I figured it would be a couple weeks or maybe a month of my time, and it offered me a little distraction from hospitals with my mom’s health situation. Never could I have imagined it would lead to Wild Love Preserve, and more so, that our mass adoption of all the 2012 Challis wild horses made available by the Idaho BLM on Jan 13, 2013 would happen only a few days following my mom’s crossing. Alas, my mom wasn’t about to miss the events and was sure to make her presence known and help things run smoothly. Over the last nine years we’ve saved hundreds of Idaho wild horses on their home turf and helped others in other parts of the country. Indeed, it’s wild love.

-Andrea Maki, Founder