GreatNonprofit Review

On this #ThrowbackTuesday we want to share this GreatNonprofits Review from October 30, 2013, which speaks volumes to this day:

“I first learned of this organization in August 2010 and I have followed the progress of Wild Love Preserve. I have been impressed, at times taken aback by successes. Initially I heard rumblings from some entrenched in wild horse politics that Ms. Maki didn't know what she was doing. They wrote this organization off because it was a different approach that did not focus on fighting the political battles out front. There are some who tried to make waves, but Ms. Maki stayed true to her course, communicating and negotiating directly with stakeholders. Now I see some of these same individuals following Ms. Maki's lead. As is often the case, a different perspective culminates in change. Initially I was intrigued by Ms. Maki's ideas, however my lasting impression is seeing these ideas in action and witnessing her stamina and follow though. Ms. Maki does not waiver, she is insistent on honesty and follow through. In today's world it is not every day you find a truly altruistic individual. Wild Love Preserve is a paradigm shift.” -CJBoles45

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