Sunday Kind of Love

A Sunday Kind of Love.

I want to send big love and appreciation to everyone who has stepped up and supported Wild Love Preserve. This is a humanity project which works to protect and nurture our wild places as an interconnected whole with native wild horses leading the way.

From the onset, over six and a half years ago, my intent has been in activating and engaging stakeholders on all sides of the issue and offering opportunity for folks to walk their talk and chip in on behalf of our greater good, now and for future generations.

Wild Love is a "we" project which speaks to achieving the lasting health and balance of indigenous ecosystems, on and off our public lands, by working together. I am incredibly appreciative of all who have supported and continue to support this project at their respective levels.

As many know, I made a promise to help some Idaho wild horses I met in 2010 and set my art career on the back burner to pursue this relevant issue. I thought it would be a short turn around of my time and I would then return to my career and livelihood. Little did I know this commitment to help would evolve into a monumental and history-making project that would require 150% of my time and energy year after year.

I have experienced the best and the worst in people with this project. I am taken aback by the number of folks who do not follow through on their words and the number of folks who have looked at me as a source for their personal gain, versus them giving to our collective well-being on behalf of what we achieve together.

So, to all of you who have helped, participated, donated and walked your talk on behalf of our present and future wildness and collective well-being: Thank You. Thank you for acting outside of your self and for our whole. You are deeply appreciated.

❤️Andrea Maki