Maki Art

This original wild horse suite, "In Wild Eyes", photo-constructions from 2010-11 by Andrea Maki, is now available for purchase and placement in a permanent collection. Please inquire for more.

Universal way of being. "My work is not something outside of me that I do. It is what I am, it is what I know, it is my past, present and future at all times. I am in a constant state of discovery. My intent has always been to promote positive energy, action, awareness, compassion and understanding. I believe humans are but a mere part of the ‘whole’ and that we have a responsibility to the ‘whole’. I believe in doing all I can to have a positive effect on the environment and all living creatures. I believe in keeping ones’ word and in taking responsibility for ones’ actions. To be honest, to be forthright, to live without fear. To be open, present and aware. To not only live in the moment, but fully appreciate the moment."   

-Andrea Maki, Excerpt from "Spirit of The Arctic/ Spirit of One" in 2002-03

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