To Be Clear

To be clear, since inception in 2010 WLP has been hard at work everyday keeping wild horses wild. Due diligence required, it is where we started and where we remain, from our 130 rescued Challis, Idaho wild horses, to those remaining on the range. We must humanely and responsibly address those removed from wild public lands, while we work collaboratively in the wild to eliminate future helicopter roundups and removals. By design, WLP's approach accounts for all facets of wild horse population on home turf. This being all the more imperative with the continued issue of horse slaughter facing us, and documented accounts of America's wild horses, protected by the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act,  falling victim to this end.

There are 50,000+ wild horses in longterm holding facilities at taxpayer expense. WLP's interest remains in breaking the cycle by offering working alternatives to stop the hemorrhaging on the range, and see all wild horses in longterm holding running like the wind again. 

Our longtime track record of establishing fluid communications and co-existence among stakeholders, simply put, saves wild horse lives. No one is settling, nor would we ever be on the side of managing wild horses to extinction. To act in any way detrimental to wild horses, literally makes no sense, and in no way aligns with our intense daily commitment in the lasting preservation of wild horses on their home turf. We have, and continue to bust our back ends to implement new solutions, save wild lives and create social compatibility which benefits our greater good. In addition WLP Programs, on and off the range, have saved American taxpayers $7.5 million dollars since 2013.

Wild horses seen here are some of the wild horses WLP protected at the time of the 2012 Challis BLM Roundup by way of our boots-on-the-ground approach in opening fluid lines of communications with the BLM and regional stakeholders.

Thank you for supporting Wild Love Preserve and walking with us. 

-Andrea Maki