SODA Wildfire Wrap

Friends… As we start this holiday weekend in the US, the Idaho BLM emergency gathers due to the SODA Wildfire SW of Boise conclude. I want to send out a special note of acknowledgement and appreciation to everyone who has rallied in support of the affected Idaho Wilds. Please know you make a positive difference in a multitude of ways and your support will continue to matter and be felt.

In total 279 Idaho wild horses were brought in from Sands Basin, Hardtrigger and Black Mountain HMAs. They will temporarily reside at the Boise Wild Horse Corrals which were modified to address numbers and circumstances, When their home habitats recover they will be returned to their respective herd management areas. Yesterday 61 wild horse supporters visited the Boise Wild Horse Corrals.

It is no surprise, that wild horses on the Sands Basin HMA continued to evade removal efforts. 28 of roughly 70 Sands Basin wilds were removed, so Idaho BLM will return to set hay and water traps in effort to bring in remaining wild horses. Because Sands Basin was a total loss to wildfire and winter seems to be coming early, these wild horses will not have sufficient forage if they were to be left on home range. Human intervention is a tricky thing and this situation proves a challenging catch-22. We don’t want to see wilds brought into temporary corrals, yet loss of vegetation to wildfires leaves inadequate conditions through winter. It’s really tough.

While Hardtrigger and Sands Basin HMAs were a total loss,1/3 of the Black Mountain HMA was scorched, therefore Idaho BLM released the low AML number of wild horses back home yesterday. Approximately 42 Black Mountain wild horses will remain on range until the rest can join back up with them when vegetation is sufficient. Let’s hope in this instance, it will be by summer 2016 due to only 1/3 of range loss.

We will continue to bring you updates as activity plays out, not only with Sands Basin wild horses, but with all Idaho Wilds in temporary residence at the Boise Wild Horse Corrals. For original details that brought us here, please visit WLP SODA Wildfire Report published in The Dodo:

In closing, please continue to focus energy on these Idaho Wilds. While safe, and cared for, it is not easy for them to be in this limited space. Your clear visualizations of protection, good health, strength and patience, will serve as a collectively powerful force. Your compassion and action are appreciated beyond measure.

Andrea Maki, Wild Love Preserve