WLP and YEP Partner

WLP and Y.E.P. missions compliment each other well and we are very pleased to join together on behalf of our inclusive well-beings. Wild Love Preserve and Salmon, Idaho's Youth Employment Program have partnered to offer an expanse of opportunities which serve to benefit Idaho wild places, youth employment and education programs, and local communities in a current and lasting manner.

The Youth Employment Program was founded in 1994 by Executive Director, Steve Adams, and remains based in Salmon, Idaho. Y.E.P. is a non-profit organization created to foster an atmosphere of educational development and provide employment opportunities for young adults in local communities. 

For over twenty years Y.E.P. has been making a positive difference in the lives of Idaho youth and the local communities where they live and work.

The Y.E.P. mission is to provide young people with first time structured jobs that teach positive working skills and habits which will serve them throughout life. Y.E.P. young people also experience the positive reward of getting paid for a job well done. Most of these work projects take place in an outdoor setting and build self-reliant leaders and team members.  Completing these challenging work projects develops our young men and women into self-confident and contributing adults. In addition, Y.E.P. government agency office positions give excellent grounding in the world of management.