Our 130 Thundering Wilds

Feel it! Forever saved to remain together and run wild on home turf in Central Idaho: Wild Love Preserve's 130 thundering Idaho Wilds. Their awe-inspiring power, beauty and magnificence leaves one breathless. The ground rumbles as their thundering hooves resonate deep within our cores. Speechless reverence. Electrifying wildness... and our favorite Cowboy!

Video ©Andrea Maki 2015

As result of the 2012 Challis Idaho Helicopter Roundup, Project Wild Love Preserve purchased and adopted all available wild horses removed from the Challis Herd Management Area in 2012-13 by way of bringing all stakeholders together in a new light. Subsequently not one Idaho Wild was shipped out of state to longterm holding facilities at taxpayer expense. We removed these wilds from the taxpayer system to permanently remain wild and together on private WLP wild expanse on home turf. 

In addition to saving these 130 Challis Idaho wild lives in a lasting manner, WLP has saved American taxpayers $3.5 million dollars via our work on and off the range since 2013. Nonprofit Wild Love Preserve is privately funded by donors and grants, not government subsidies. We welcome those interested in making a difference on the wild side to learn more and donate today. Thank you for joining with us.

Video ©2015 Andrea Maki