Saylor Creek

In response to recent inquiries regarding the Saylor Creek Herd Management Area (HMA) in the Twin Falls District of Idaho and the BLM's management proposal for a non-reproducing herd:

Yes, in addition to WLP's work with the Challis Wild Horses for over five years, Wild Love Preserve directly advocates and works with the Idaho Bureau of Land Management (BLM) regarding all six wild horse HMAs in Idaho state, and this includes our boots-on-the-ground negotiations and efforts (versus lawsuit) on the Saylor Creek HMA. 

Wild Love Preserve is not a non-profit in the business of raising donations for litigation to pay salaries of those running our organization, litigation which also cost additional taxpayer dollars. We have not received federal dollars, but rather saved taxpayers $3.5M since 2013 with our programs on and off the range. 100% of your donations to nonprofit Wild Love Preserve directly benefit and support the lasting preservation of Idaho wild horses on home turf. Simple.

Please know your support is very appreciated and makes a real difference. Together we save wild lives.

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