You Matter

February 2015 marks our 5th Annual "Wild Love Month"! We work to serve the well-being of approximately 330 native wild horses - from the 200+ roaming free on the Challis Herd Management Area (HMA) to the 130 Challis, Idaho wild horses we purchased and adopted following the BLM's 2012 Helicopter Roundup of the Challis HMA. By design our adopted 130 have been pulled from the federally funded system to instead remain wild and forever together on permanently protected WLP wild expanse on home turf in Central Idaho. 

It takes a village to implement lasting change. As a grassroots, boots-on-the-ground non-profit, your support makes it all happen. Wild Love Preserve's Fundraising Wish List outlines areas where you can have an immediate positive impact in wild lives and help us, help them.  

Thank you for caring, love is action.  You Matter - You Make a Difference.

Video ©Andrea Maki 2014. Music ©Queen.