Our Teachers

"Animals are our teachers, man has much to learn. Humans are not superior to all else. The belief that man sits atop a pyramid of life, here to do as he pleases, has brought us to the state we are in today. At the extreme cost of the whole, many two-leggeds are disconnected and concerned only with their own immediate needs and desires. They fall short of understanding that humans are but a mere part of the whole and that within that whole lies a very delicate balance. The magic of life lies within a sacred circle. As humans we have a responsibility and we have a choice. Life requires our participation, to fully engage. To walk this earth must not be taken for granted. It is our responsibility to protect and care for the land. To respect the earth and all its inhabitants, acting with conscience and awareness. It is vital that we learn from the past and apply that knowledge in a positive manner moving forward."  A. Maki, 2002