It Takes A Village

In October 2012, prior to the Idaho Bureau of Land Management's Helicopter Roundup on the Challis Herd Management Area (HMA) we created a "WLP Signatures of Support" Campaign in Ketchum, Idaho that read as follows:

"WILD LOVE PRESERVE IS ABOUT US ALL, A REFLECTION OF OUR HUMANITY. Founded April 2010, non-profit Wild Love Preserve addresses the Challis Wild Horses and HMA. The Wild Love Mission to protect native wild horses in their native habitat and nurture the legacy of this indigenous ecosystem on our public lands in a responsible, sustainable manner is multi-faceted, all-inclusive and in constant motion. Our action goes direct to the source in the wild as a fluid, ever-evolving, working solution to benefit the whole. While views differ, WLP's interest lies in finding common ground and working together to implement a new approach and reduce conflict between all parties involved. The time is prime, good will and energy abundant.

The overall intent of WLP's Regional and Sustainable Wild Horse Management Program is to collaboratively manage this native wild horse population in a humane, responsible manner that will no longer require federally funded helicopter roundups that result in removals and family displacement, at times loss of life, followed by transport to short, then long-term holding facilities - but instead nurture a healthy, genetically viable native herd and indigenous ecosystem for future generations to also experience, nurture and equally treasure.  Love is Action!"

From there our wild cup runneth over with appreciation as volunteer Team WLP rallied supporters big and small alike, resulting in tons of love for Wild Love Preserve and the Challis Wild Horses. Over 2000 “Signatures of Support” were collected the old fashion way with pen, paper, conversation and smiles, complimented further by awesome “I Ride For The Band™” drawings by the kids and the most wonderful custom baked wild horse and heart-shaped cookies donated by a local baker.    

This Love Action will forever be a deeply appreciated highlight in our wild travels. We thank everyone joining us, past, present and future, who chooses to make a lasting difference with their heart and action.