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April 18, 2018: Wild Love Story in the Kitsap Sun, Gig Harbor, WA:


January 21, 2018: In PEARL JAM NEWS, Help Stone Gossard Support Wild Love Preserve and the Preservation of Wild Horses. Visit: Stone, Pearl Jam + Wild Love



January 5, 2018: Kitsap Weekly cover story about Andrea Maki and Wild Love Preserve. Note, Andrea is a Seattle native, now Kingston resident. Also, we don't file wild horse hooves, we had to purchase a $30K custom-built hydraulic tilt-chute to trim hooves, until we acquire our permanently protected wildlife preserve in Idaho and turn out Wild Love Preserve's 136 Challis-Idaho wild horses. Read story with Maki photos:



October 19, 2017: Outdoor Idaho premieres "Wild Horses" on Thursday, October 19 at 8 p.m. and again on Sunday, October 22, at 7 p.m. on Idaho Public Television, which features Wild Love Preserve. 


The cover of Outdoor Idaho's October 2017 Program Guide which feature a photograph of the White Mask Stallion by Andrea Maki. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 11.16.48 PM.png




September 7, 2017: Follow-up story in Horsetalk Magazine: Total Eclipse at Wild Love Preserve






August 21, 2017: The Total Eclipse at Wild Love Preserve: WLP Blog Post with Video. Story published in Bored Panda: How Did Idaho Wild Horses React To The Total Eclipse?





August 18, 2017: Solar Eclipse To Pass Right Over Special Idaho Wild Horse Herd in Horsetalk Magazine.






April 19, 2017: “Not Many People Know About This Wild Horse Sanctuary Right Here In Idaho,” published in Only In Your State: Idaho and Idaho Only.




March 19, 2017: "Idaho's Wild Horses Spared Helicopter Gather Trauma," published in New Zealand's international Horsetalk Magazine.




September 2016: The Story Behind Wild Love Preserve Featured in Idaho Magazine - Story and Photos By WLP Founder Andrea Maki. Click here to read special blog post with this WLP Story.

August 16, 2016: Wild Love Preserve is honored to receive a 2016 Top Rated GreatNonprofits Award,  following 2013 and 2014 awards. We invite you to visit GreatNonprofits to read WLP reviews.


July 9, 2016:  "Apache and Andrea: How Their Beautiful Friendship Began," published in New Zealand's Horsetalk Magazine



July 1, 2016: “Cameras Turned On Me And Apache, My First Adopted Challis, Idaho Wild Horse," published in the BoredPanda




May 24, 2016: Melissa Hackney on CH6 Nightly News: The Balancing Act of the Challis Wild Horses

May 7, 2016: New Zealand's Horsetalk Magazine: “Wild Horse Andrea” Walks the Walk for Idaho’s Challis Mustangs


April 20, 2016: Beth Markley's Elemental Idaho on Radio Boise: Interview with WLP founder Andrea Maki


April 22, 2016: WLP's Wild Freedom 2016 in Boise for Help A Horse Day - Michael Deeds, The Idaho Statesman: Boise Musicians Perform at Shows to Rescue Wild Idaho Horses  +  5 Things To Do In Boise This Weekend

 March 2016: Wild Love Preserve is featured the German Equine Magazine,  CAVALLO . Click for this  WLP Blog Post .

March 2016: Wild Love Preserve is featured the German Equine Magazine, CAVALLO. Click for this WLP Blog Post.

February 20, 2016: Published in The Dodo: “Mustangs Song and Video to Save Wild Idaho Horses”

February 21, 2016:Horsetalk Magazine: "Song of the Wild Horse: New Single "Mustangs" Celebrates Idaho Equines" 


January 2, 2016:  Horsetalk Magazine based in New Zealand kicks off 2016 with this WLP story, to include our newest crew member, Adee:


December 22, 2015:  "Watch this 2009 Wild Challis Horse Return to Wild Side, Friends and Family"

We had a special delivery from Santa this year! What better way to ring in the New Year! In light of ending one cycle, and beginning another we wish to share this wonderful and breathtaking good energy which truly reflects the heart and mission of Wild Love Preserve. It is pure love and truth in being. Read Adee’s Story and watch the video at The Dodo or on our WLP Blog.




Published in The Dodo, August 21, 2015: SODA Wildfire SW of Boise and Idaho Wilds Impacted





July 9, 2015: Wild Love Preserve featured in Horsetalk International Magazine out of New Zealand. "Call of The Wild Horses in Idaho: Preserving an American Icon"





Published in The Dodo, May 2015:  Saving Wild Horses: Responsibility vs Passion 





Published in The Dodo, May 11, 2015:  Wild Love Preserve: The Rabbit Hole



Karole Honas, ABC/Channel 8 Nightly News, Idaho Falls, ID,  May 22, 2014

"Andrea Maki, an artist from the state of Washington, has done the impossible.  She's gotten the Bureau of Land Management, the community of Challis and Custer County, the area cattle ranchers and environmentalists to work together with WLP.  If this model for mustang management works, it could save the wild mustangs, the environment they live in and bring new money to the tiny town of Challis…. and finally be a solution for wild horse management across the West.” -Karole Honas, Channel8/ABC Nightly News, Idaho Falls, Idaho, May 2014

“In motion since April 2010, kindness and collaborative efforts benefit wild lives and the whole, all is interconnected. It takes a village to implement far-reaching and lasting positive change.” -A. Maki

Click Here to Download PDF of Newspaper Story: "WLP - A NEW PARADIGM FOR WILD HORSES", Challis Messenger Annual Central Idaho Guide, May 2014

“Wild Love Preserve truly is the culmination of all the various paths that I’ve traveled for the past 47 years of my life,” Maki says.  “It’s about finding a new way to bring people together.  I believe that if you go in looking for a fight, you’re going to get a fight.  If you approach with kindness, compassion, understanding and interest in listening to various perspectives, whether you agree or not, eventually people will come together and you will find common ground.  I work with folks who I don’t necessarily have the same beliefs as me, but I find it very interesting and purposeful to listen to their history and their perspectives, taking all into account as this project has evolved, whether it be the ranchers, BLM or environmentalists.”  

- Andrea Maki from "Wild Love Preserve: A New Paradigm for Wild Horses", Challis Messenger Annual Central Idaho Guide, May 2014, Story By Renee Aucoin



Tribute to the Magnificent Wild Red Stallion: Humane Society "All Animals" Magazine, July/Aug 2014


 Sun Valley Magazine, Home Annual 2012/2013

Sun Valley Magazine, Home Annual 2012/2013

 Wild Love Preserve as seen in Sun Valley Magazine, Summer 2012

Wild Love Preserve as seen in Sun Valley Magazine, Summer 2012

 Sun Valley Magazine, Home Annual 2012/2013

Sun Valley Magazine, Home Annual 2012/2013

 Sun Valley Magazine, Visual Arts, Winter 2011

Sun Valley Magazine, Visual Arts, Winter 2011

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