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Take a walk on the wild side with our crew at Wild Love Preserve. We're committed to lasting wildness on home turf. This means our iconic wild horses are free to be. This means they will remain forever wild at home. This means wild and together in their native habitats. This means your support ensures wild freedom This means you can make a difference. This means, that together, we're saving wild lives.

Let's Go Wild! Thank You!  

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Wildlife Conferences 2012

#Throwback-Tuesday and back to August 2012 with Dr. Jay F. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. and The Science and Conservation Center at The Wild Horse Symposium and 7th International Conference on Fertility Control in Wildlife, held that year in Jackson Hole, Wyoming... with wildfires closing in. Seems like only yesterday. #NameTags


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Lasting Wildness on Home-Turf at Wild Love Preserve for 137 Challis-Idaho Wild Horses

Your support helps us do what we do in saving and securing wild ives and native habitat. WE have $50,000 to raise towards our $250,000 fund that pays for our 400-acre lease + supplemental winter hay. YOU can make the difference with your tax-deductible donations of any size. 100% of your giving goes to WLP wild horse care and well-being. 



Video by Andrea Maki ©2017

The Total Eclipse at Wild Love

The Total Eclipse at Wild Love Preserve

On August 21, 2017 we experienced the total eclipse of the sun. Challis, Idaho was in the Path of Totality and expectations were high, with folks traveling from all parts of the world to witness the event, which, for us, happened around 11 am. While folks were scattered about the in their respective locations, eclipse glasses at the ready and countless cameras pointed towards the sky, I was just where I wanted to be, surrounded by our 137 Challis, Idaho wild horses at Wild Love Preserve - me and my wild 4-legged family. 

At first, there was a palpable stillness in the air, the horses were on certain alert. Calm, watchful, and mindful of everyone's respective positions. There was an impending sense of uncertainty as the usual morning light was dimming. And when the moon shadow had almost covered the whole of the sun, the temperature dramatically dropped to an evening chill, and light sensors tripped as day turned to night. In the moment that seemed as though someone had flipped the light-switch off, stillness was instantaneously replaced by wild whinnies and hundreds of thundering hooves on all sides of where I stood. It was paradise! 


As quickly as darkness fell, a curious glow of daylight returned, but the horses were wound-up and remained unsettled. For over fifteen minutes it was thundering hooves mixed with moments of pause to watch and listen, only to thunder again, ever mindful of my position amidst them. In time, they slowed and headed towards me to check in and be assured we were all okay, just as they have done in past times of question. And I count myself incredibly lucky, to be their trusted person, in our circle of life, love, and truth - these magnificent wild wonders forever interconnected with the whole of my being.

Since I have been asked by so many, how the wild horses responded to the eclipse, I have decided to make a very special, real time, video with the sights and sounds and activities of this happening. Instead of a snippet or two, for full effect and treat, I have included the footage as I captured and experienced it. The result is nine and a half minutes that will have you feeling as if you are right there with me. It was happening fast and my iPhone video camera was getting confused by the day, then night, then day. But the randomness of movement, blur, grain, and light speaks to how it organically unfolded, so turn up the volume and join me the wonderfulness of this wildness.

Enjoy, Andrea Maki

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The Path Of Totality

This story from Horsetalk Magazine on August 17, 2017: 

Solar Eclipse to Pass Right Over Special Idaho Wild Horse Herd

Click to read: http://bit.ly/2uSIshD

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 10.40.04 AM.png

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Commemorative WLP Eclipse T-Shirts

We have a very special on-line fundraiser and t-shirt campaign to share! On August 21 Wild Love Preserve and the Challis Wild Horses will fall within the much anticipated "Path of Totality" - meaning we will experience a total solar eclipse on the wild side! To mark this historic event, contemporary artist/photographer + founder, Andrea Maki, has created our commemorative Wild Love Preserve t-shirt with the coordinates and time of the solar eclipse in Challis. Please join us from all parts of the globe in marking this special event. T-shirts and sweatshirts are available through August 25 and 100% of the profits support Wild Love Preserve and the lasting wildness of the Challis wild horses on their home turf in central Idaho. Thank you!

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Childhood Treasures

The things you find again. Today I opened a box to find three of my treasured childhood books from 45 years ago, including my special signed copy of "Mustang - Wild Spirit of the West," published the year I was born in 1966. Some paths you instinctually travel your whole life and beyond. -Andrea Maki

A Day In The Life At Wild Love

As we celebrate Dad's this June, two-legged and four, here's a look into day in the life at Wild Love Preserve and saving Idaho's wild horses at home. In light of the current happenings, we need your support more then ever. Together we can ensure wild horses remain wild. Please join us and help us raise $36,000 by June 30 for the 400 acres WLP leases for our 137 adopted/rescued Idaho wild horses. 100% of every dollar donated goes to the wild horses and their lasting wildness. Donations of all sizes make a difference and are tax-deductible because Wild Love Preserve is a registered non-profit, effective since August 2010. We can't do this alone, this a "WE" project and we are asking everyone to please pitch in if you can. 

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Branded 2010

We remain true to our 2010 trademarked taglines for which we are known:
Wild Love Preserve - To Protect and Preserve™
Ride For The Band™ 
I Ride For The Band™
©2010 Andrea Maki + Wild Love Preserve™

“My work is not something outside of me that I do. It is what I am, it is what I know, it is my past, present and future at all times. I am in a continuous state of discovery. My intent has always been to promote positive energy, action, awareness, compassion and understanding. This is who I am, my work reflect my being.

I believe humans are but a mere part of the ‘whole’ and that we have a responsibility to that ‘whole’. I believe in doing all that I can to have a positive effect on the environment and all living creatures. I believe in keeping ones’ word and taking responsibility for ones’ actions. To be honest, to be forthright, to live without fear. To be open, present and aware. To not only live in the moment, but to fully appreciate the moment.” - Andrea Maki, 2002

WLP Ranch Equipment

Will you help us help Idaho wild horses remain wild on their home turf? 

As WLP’s work expands to work collaboratively on all six wild horse herd management areas in Idaho our equipment becomes all the more imperative. We're looking for donors and sponsors to help us pay off ranch equipment loans for our custom-built portable wild horse chute and our front-loader/backhoe.

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Idaho Gives : May 4

Thank You for Supporting Idaho Wild Horses and Wild Love Preserve on May 4 for Idaho Gives:  https://www.idahogives.org/organizations/wild-love-preserve-central-idaho

Calling On Our Idaho Family + Friends... Please share and help us rally support and donations throughout your workplaces, etc. #IdahoGives happens on May 4 and Wild Love Preserve is officially launching our #IdahoGives page right here, right now. Please help us get the word out and if you want to create your workplace #IdahoGives fundraiser for Wild Love with our official Idaho Gives page, bring it on! We love our Idaho Family + Friends! 

Earth Day

We are Mother Earth, today and everyday. Today we honor and celebrate her wonders and gifts, but each and everyday we must act with awareness, care, respect, honor and love. We must nurture Mother Earth and our environment and all living-beings. As two-leggeds it is our responsibility to care for the whole, always. Everyday is Earth day.

In honor of Earth Day, we invite you to support Wild Love and wild Idaho on this day, as native wild horses lead the way to protecting and nurturing the health and balance of indigenous ecosystems as an interconnected and lasting whole: Donate

Happy Earth Day, today and everyday!

-Andrea + Wild Love

Update: Challis Bait Trap Gather 2017

The Challis BLM Wild Horse Bait Trap Gather wrapped Thursday, April 13, prior to another weather front with more snow.  Here is a video showing a hay-bait trap on the Challis HMA and all of the Challis wild horses that were brought into to the BLM Challis Wild Horse Facility this March/April 2017.

The final BLM count is twenty (20) Challis wild horses brought in by the bait trap operation. Six (6), between two and four years old, will be made available for adoption, while the others will be returned to the range at the end of April. The BLM will treat older wild mares with PZP-22 prior to their release.

We are saddened by the loss, and paying our respects to an elderly Challis mare estimated to be 25+ that came in very underweight, her body score was 1.5. While she at first took to hay and water, perked up and even started putting on weight, she ultimately laid down and would not have the strength to get up again. Her life, however, was lived on the wild side and for that we are thankful.

We have been paying close attention to casualties as result of this year's historic winter conditions. To date, shed hunters and locals have discovered nine (9) wild horses on the Challis range that did not make it and this number is sure to rise. The extreme and relentless bitter cold and deep snows have dealt a heavy hand. It is surreal, the number of deer and wildlife that did not make it and are surfacing in town, pastures and on the range as deep snows finally melt. We are continuing to monitor and document these numbers as they relate to overall health, count, and well-being of the Challis Herd.

False reports and inaccuracies circulated about the number of Challis wild horses being gathered, removed and shipped out, prior to the start of the bait trap operation, creating quite a stir. Horses assumed to be Challis wild horses, were, in fact, the domestic horses of regional outfitters and ranchers who have annual permits to winter graze their horses in the area around the BLM Challis Wild Horse Corrals. The outfitters and ranchers who own these horses had to bring them in, sort and move them to their respective ranches prior to start of bait trap gather, and so the BLM could prepare for expectant Challis wild horses coming in from the range through mid-April. Apparently this created confusion, concern and a spread of misinformation. To be clear, the BLM Challis Wild Horse Corrals are not located on the Challis HMA. 

-Andrea Maki

Click + Read March 7 Post About The Challis Wild Horse Bait Trap Gather 2017

Special Thanks

To The Earth and Humanity Foundation: Thank you.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for The Earth and Humanity Foundation and the immeasurable impact their support has had on our work and advancements over the years. Wild Love Preserve is, in fact, an earth and humanity project and we are so grateful for the foundation's belief in our mission and understanding of our all-inclusive approach to lasting wildness, as wild horses offer such unique opportunity to unify and lead our way in protecting and nurturing indigenous wild environments as interconnected and balanced wholes. 

Love is action, thank you!

- Andrea Maki + Team Wild Love

Thank You ASPCA!

aspcaGRNTS-BDGES2017_FIN copy.png

We are honored and incredibly appreciative to receive an ASPCA Grant towards our 2017 winter hay expenditures for Wild Love Preserve's 136 wild horses. We've had an unusually harsh and long winter in central Idaho, the worst in 30 years with high snow and bitter temps dropping to -30 degrees at times, hence we had to double our hay feeding to two-tons per day. As a non-profit that relies on grants and donations for daily operations and wild horse well-being, it has been very challenging on our budget. We inquired and the ASPCA responded with vital help towards our purchase of additional winter hay. If you would like to follow the lead of the ASPCA and their generous hearts, Wild Love Preserve still has a remaining $9500 to raise for 2017 winter hay expenditures. Your tax-deductible donations towards supplemental winter hay are deeply appreciated and make a world of difference in the preservation of Idaho's wild horses on their home turf in central Idaho. Click here to Donate Today.

Big Love, Big Thanks to the ASPCA from Wild Love Preserve + Idaho Wild Horses!

Congratulations to Pearl Jam

Please join us in a shout out to Pearl Jam! Big Congrats to PJ and their induction into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame! The guys bring awareness, honesty, integrity and follow thru to everything they do, which is deeply respected and appreciated. Stone and PJ have been key supporters of Wild Love Preserve since inception in 2010, making a lasting difference on the wild side, wearing truth out front. Fine examples of human beings that care for the whole and walk the talk. Here's to a great night for PJ, friends, family, and fans! Read Pearl Jam's Humble Induction Speech in Rolling Stone.

Read David Letterman's Induction Intro

Golden Girl, Apache

My golden girl, Apache, and my very first Challis wild horse that I adopted in 2012 following the BLM's 2012 helicopter roundup. Many wilds have since followed, but Apache and I have an extra-special love bond and mutual trust.

Apache is the spitting image of her mom, Sabina, who still runs wild on the Challis HMA. Sabina, Shaman and others who have come in with the current hay bait trap gather are filling up on hay and water after an exceptionally extreme winter and will be returned to the wild side soon.

Video ©2017 Andrea Maki

April Glassybaby Campaign For Wild Love

this april 2017: a glassybaby on-line campaign for wild love

In celebration of Wild Love Preserve’s 7th Anniversary, a special glassybaby on-line campaign has launched to help raise funds for Wild Love Preserve’s wildlands acquisition + operations. 

Thru April 30 you can shop online at glassybaby.com and use the giving code 'wildlove' at checkout to have 10% of your order donated to Wild Love Preserve.

You can also nominate Wild Love Preserve for a new $3000 #glassybabygrant. No purchase is necessary to nominate and our appreciation is beyond measure for your time, thoughts and kindness. Instructions are here: nominate-wildlove