Wild Love Calendars Now Available!

How about a perfect holiday gift that spreads love all year long?

For those who have been asking: Our full-color WILD LOVE CALENDARS with a selection of favorite wild photos by Andrea Maki are now available, and in two sizes! 100% of proceeds benefit Wild Love Preserve Programs and Phase One of our campaign to raise necessary funding towards the acquisition of our 10,000-acre wildlife preserve in central Idaho and our subsequent transition from our leased 400-acres to our permanent home which will be protected in perpetuity.

Calendars are available thru January. Purchase by Dec. 15 to receive by Dec. 24.

Click here to purchase: 2019 Wild Love Calendar



Timeless Message


Because this resonates more than ever. This timeless message has always been cornerstone to my being, my art, and therefore, the mission of Wild Love Preserve: Be thankful for one another 365 days a year. Walk in all shoes. Be kind, respect differences, act on behalf of our greater good, and spread love. 


Thank you for your belief and support in Wild Love. 

Andrea + Team Wild Love

Flashback Friday From The Wild Side

This Flashback Friday we're sharing a note from Wild Love founder, Andrea Maki. dated July 1, 2014. 

"Recently I was asked, “What’s in it for me?" I was told there are those who can’t believe anyone could be so altruistic as to create a project and seek a unified solution to benefit wild horses and the whole without a personal agenda lurking behind the scenes. That in this day when there is more money to be made from the “fight”, crisis and divisions versus solutions, some would believe a snake oil salesman before they would believe an individual would actually put all on the line in the name of greater good and mutual benefit. In addition, I was told, there are those who presume I have deep pockets or a silver spoon supporting WLP efforts, no matter how many times I clarify otherwise and that I have been a self-employed, self-supported, visual artist since 1988 - no security nets, inheritance or alimony. The truth, of course, is that WLP has been supported by grants and donors since inception in 2010, in addition to my personal commitment, loans and credit lines, as we prove our worth via boots-on-the-ground action while seeking full project funding.


All said, I completely understand that which was shared with me, however I also find it sad and unfortunate. We are jaded for good reason and it is only natural to question truth in kindness, compassion and action on behalf of the whole, as well assume ego is in play. This is the world we currently live in, however, I also believe it is only by holding true to ones course that time and action ultimately prove otherwise. In my belief we are here to care for the whole, act with truth, kindness, respect, understanding and compassion without being plagued by ego. When engaging with those of different beliefs, common ground can be found via kindness, respect and perseverance opening doors to further discussion. We can rise above drawn lines if we so choose.  Truth, sincerity, accountability, integrity, follow through and compassion are traits of my life and a reflection of the way in which I was brought up. No matter the ways of the outside, I will always take pride in walking my talk, acting my truth and being that which I personally prefer to see in terms of human co-existence. Love is action."

-Andrea Maki, July 1, 2014

This truth remains, as does our perseverance and due diligence.

Wild Love's Historic Move!

Announcing Our Historic Move To Wild Love's 10,000-Acre Wildlife Preserve!

It's taken a lot of hard work and perseverance to get here. We are thrilled to share news that Wild Love Preserve has our 10,000-acre wildlife preserve at Twin Sisters under contract and we are preparing for our epic move of WLP operations and our 136 wild horses in late September. The wild cherry on top is that Wild Love's wildlife preserve is now a safe zone from hunting and trapping for wolves, deer, elk, bear, cougar, antelope, and all other native wildlife that choose to call this wild place home. 

Your support at this pivotal moment carries tremendous impact! Phase One of our Campaign For Wild Love Preserve At Twin Sisters is in motion to raise $250,000 to cover expenditures for our epic move from our leased 400-acres in Challis to our permanently protected wildlife preserve at Twin Sisters. In addition to sharing our mailing address, we have created this special link to gift to our move: 

Make A Gift to Wild Love at Twin Sisters


Make A Gift to Wild Love at Twin Sisters

Mailing Address: 8202 NE State Highway 104, #102-33 • Kingston, WA  98346

Thank you for supporting Wild Love's legacy in lasting wildness.


Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam + The Vitalogy Foundation


“Since 2010, Wild Love founder, Andrea Maki’s, consistent and devoted attention to the plight of wild horses has been amazing to witness. A 30,000-foot view and her obvious political savvy have created an unlikely coalition of ranchers, environmentalists, wild horse advocates, and government agencies, working in delicate concert to save these majestic animals. She should be the envy of any activist looking to make a real impact.” 

-Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam + The Vitalogy Foundation

Idaho Gives 2018!

#IdahoGives is May 3

Friends - Join us this Thursday, May 3, for #IdahoGives and help us keep the wild in Idaho's wild horses + wild places! You do not have to be in Idaho to participate. We are raising funds for WLP operations and our 10,000-acre permanently protected wildlife preserve in the heart of Idaho wild horse country. Early pledges are open now, click here to donate: http://bit.ly/IdahoGives-WildLove


Unique to this campaign is that donations and grants made by check, or here on our website at DONATEcan be manually added to our total tally for May 3. 

Thanks a million for your support!

Our mailing address is: 8202 NE State Highway 104, #102-33, Kingston, WA 98346

Kitsap Talk About Wild Love - April 3

Dear Kitsap + Greater Seattle Area Friends,

In response to requests, Andrea will be giving a talk about the work of Wild Love Preserve at the Greater Hansville Community Center (GHCC) at Buck Lake on Tuesday, April 3 from 7-8:30 pm.

Join us in Hansville if you're in the area!

GHCC Address: 6959 NW Buck Lake Road, Hansville, WA 98340


Thundering Hooves + Wild Freedom 2018


Tickets Are Now On Sale! Join us on April 18 at The Sapphire Room at The Riverside Hotel Boise for Thundering Hooves + Wild Freedom 2018, featuring a.k.a. Belle, Eilen Jewell, Thomas Paul + Ryan Bayne Music. This will be a very special night of music, good energy, and wild hearts coming together to support Idaho's wild horses, wild places, and Wild Love Preserve.

Learn More + Purchase Tickets Here: http://bit.ly/2GjV7g3


Big Love + Thanks to The Riverside Hotel Boise, Lynda Johnson, Catherine Merrick, the fantastic musical line-up, and everyone participating to make this event possible on behalf of our wild side.


International Women's Day

We Stand United on this International Women's Day! Wild Love Preserve is a woman-owned and operated nonprofit, so we are sharing this origins story from founder, Andrea Maki.


“I am a staunch advocate for integrity, kindness, compassion and action on behalf of our greater good. Animals have always been integral to my life and being, the health of the environment equally paramount. In 2010 I made a wild promise, which resulted in the formation of non-profit Wild Love Preserve. Little did I know at that time, the layered magnitude of this specific regional playing field for which I had just entered, and the array of stakeholders locked in opposition.

Wild Love Preserve has grown to a scale I did not originally anticipate, organically evolving into a new multi-dimensional management model simply by way of responding to the multitude of logistics unfolding at every turn. Challenges plentiful, perseverance and patience required.


WLP is about finding solutions and new ways of bringing people together. If you go in looking for a fight, you’re going to get a fight. If you approach with respect, kindness, patience and sincere interest in listening to differing perspectives, you can find common ground and open news doors to change. We can rise above drawn lines if we so choose.

Truth, sincerity, accountability, integrity, follow through and compassion are traits of my life, a reflection of the way in which I was raised, and qualities I personally prefer to see in terms of human co-existence. By design, this lasting project welcomes those who wish to make a lasting difference and believe positive change is always possible when we work together.”

-Andrea Maki

Read more here: Wild Love Founder

In honor of the day, we invite you to support Wild Love Preserve: Donate Today

#IWD2018 #InternationalWomensDay #SupportWomenOwnedBussiness 

Love Of A Wild Child

Dear Friends,

Recently we received a donation, I responded with a thank you and then received the below letter in response. With permission granted, I am sharing this special story of a wild child's heart, action and desire to make a difference in this world. This purity of love, being, and truth is absolutely beautiful, and is a shining example of the love we are and the significance of a child’s truth - which is our future. 


You're most welcome. My daughter, for all that she can't read written words, is a reader of the world and has a way of moving things when she's stirred and shaken. She's come home covered in blood with injured fawns and animals for healing, buries possum and squirrels and birds found in the woods with ceremony, and has been dreaming horses for many years now. She stumbled on a video about wild horses on Pinterest quite accidentally and was in tears from what she saw, with a lot to say about how it made her heart feel.

First she wanted to rescue them by bringing them all here to our 4 acre homestead! Eventually we talked toward helping those who have more land already, supporting their efforts. So after digging around for sanctuaries and watching the videos they had up, me reading to her what they had to say, she selected yours. She liked how you showed, she liked the music, she liked that it was called Wild Love, she wanted to know when could we drive out there and visit, how many days would it take from Virginia, could she ride the horses, and so on! 

She lassoed her eleven year old sister into selling the earrings she makes (this daughter's passion is embroidering mandalas and jewelry making, they're so different in their interests yet both tender hearted!) and giving half the money toward Wild Love Preserve. I have them up on my blog (apocketofdreams.wordpress.com/portfolio/jewels/) with this quote from your website: 

“Wild Love Preserve is named such because it is dedicated to the greater good of our wild planet, now and for future generations, centering on humanity, compassion, sustainability, two-legged accountability and our responsibility to the whole.” — Founder, Andrea Maki, 2010

That's a little bit more than you probably wanted to know, but it's part of the story of where those dollars were earned with possible more to come. She's a persistent little expressive fire child, and one day she may just make her way over thatta way.  ~M


Andrea Maki

Wild Game Changer

Dear Friends,

We have nice news to share with you. Because of Wild Love Preserve's due-diligence, collaborative, and pro-active efforts since 2010 with the Challis-Idaho BLM, there has not been a helicopter roundup of the Challis Herd since October 2012. Prior to Wild Love Preserve, the Challis BLM's intent was to conduct federally funded helicopter roundups and removals every other year. Presently, we are pleased to share yet another positive step forward. Wild Love Preserve and the Challis-Idaho BLM will work together on the current Environmental Assessment of the Challis Herd Management Area as a collective whole, and together develop a 10-year pro-active management plan for the Challis Herd in conjunction with, and relation to, this indigenous ecosystem on our multi-use public lands as an interconnected whole. This collaborative work sets yet another new precedent which serves to benefit our work on all six herd management areas in Idaho, as well as other wild horse regions in the west. 

What does this mean? Wild loves, wild and free, courtesy kindness, mutual respect, and fluid communications between stakeholders. 


To those who already believe in the mission of Wild Love Preserve and support our continued tenacity: Thank You so much for being part of this instrumental and historic change. 

To others, we invite you to join us and help us keep the wild in our iconic wild horses + wild places by coming together. Wild Love Preserve is a grassroots, boots-on-the-ground, nonprofit organization that has persevered, no matter the odds, to show by way of integrity and action that rising above drawn lines benefits our greater good. At this time our need is to match our boots-on-the-ground work with necessary project funding that enables full implementation of our wildlife preservation and education programs. Thank you for your kindness in considering a tax-deductible donation: DONATE

What we do today, makes our tomorrow. Let's Keep It Wild Together!

Andrea Maki, Founder + President

Donate + Help Keep The Wild, Wild!