Wild Love's Historic Move!

Announcing Our Historic Move To Wild Love's 10,000-Acre Wildlife Preserve!

It's taken a lot of hard work and perseverance to get here. We are thrilled to share news that Wild Love Preserve has our 10,000-acre wildlife preserve at Twin Sisters under contract and we’re preparing for our epic move of WLP operations and our 136 wild horses. The wild cherry on top is that our wildlife preserve will be a safe zone for all the indigenous wildlife that choose to call this wild expanse home.


Wild Love is a WE project, so, if you believe in the preservation of America's iconic wild mustangs and our wild places, we hope you will join us. Your support translates to lasting wildness for wild horses on their native turf and respective indigenous ecosystems as an interconnected whole for generations to come. My name is Andrea Maki, I am a Seattle native, contemporary visual artist/photographer for over 30 years, and in 2010 I founded Wild Love Preserve in central Idaho as a means of protecting and preserving our vital wild places as an interconnected whole by way of bridging divides with native wild horses leading our way. Wild Love was created to show what we can achieve by working together because our wildness is imperative to our collective whole, now and for future generations. While many told me this would be impossible, we've set a new precedent in bringing all sides together and have created an inclusive conservation model in Idaho that has garnered national attention and is sourced as a framework for other regions in the West. By design, Wild Love programs have also saved American taxpayers well over $7.5 million dollars in a few short years.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, Wild Love Preserve engages public and private lands to address all facets of regional wild horse population on their home turf. Our legacy project includes our inclusive wild horse conservation programs, conflict resolution, education platform, comprehensive range health, and our 10,000-acre wildlife preserve in the heart of Idaho's wild horse country which is teeming with indigenous wildlife and will serve as permanent home to our current 136 Challis-Idaho wild horses and future Idaho wild horses. The work we do in Idaho serves to benefit wild horses in other regions throughout the West.

Make A Gift to Wild Love at Twin Sisters

Wild Love Preserve • 8202 NE State Highway 104, #102-33, Kingston, WA  98346

Thank you for supporting Wild Love's legacy in lasting wildness.