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Love is Action. There's no better way to make a difference than to engage yourself in the positive change you wish to see in your wild mirror. You matter, and your actions impact our world in a lasting manner. Spread Love. Spread the word and make your mark today.

Visit our store to get your favorite WLP Goods and send us pics to post below. Making a difference looks good and we love our village. Special thanks for joining with us on this wild ride.


"I Ride for the Band™ Drawing Sheets: Click link below to download and print your own. Draw yourself with wild horses you help to save and mail your finished drawing to us and you could find your drawing featured in our special kids gallery below. We look forward to seeing what you do! Keep it wild, kids!

Frequently folks tell me they want to feel they are truly making a difference, but express discouragement, overwhelm, even a sense of defeat in response to the world’s current state of affairs. Personally I believe that if we each engage in our unique ways these individual acts grow, multiply and eventually add up to address the whole and our greater good.
— Andrea Maki

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